The Joy of Spirit look at each day through the eyes of a child and to live embracing the joy of spirit



Noemia Walaska 
   Psychic Medium and Spiritual Consultant

"It is written, you shall emerge with joy.  Through joy you can emerge from all troubles."

-The Kotzker Rebbe


Welcome to The Joy of Spirit

I am an Intuitive and by means of psychic sensitivity, I have an ability to connect with Spirit and Love Ones.  The messages that come through are to provide Clarity, Validation, and Guidance with Compassion, Love, Truth, and JOY.

 What is a Spiritual Medium?

A Spiritual Medium is 'a person who serves as an intermediary between the physical world and the spiritual world.'

And that is what I do.  


Services include:

Intuitive and Spiritual Services
Group and Family Sessions

Spiritual / Medium
Gallery Demonstrations

Intuitive Development

‘Cleansing and Clearing’ for  Homes and Offices

Energy Wellness Sessions

For People and Pets


“Noemia, a gifted and highly sensitive intuitive, whose skills range from mediumship, to spiritual counseling and the metaphysical healing arts, offers you insightful information with humor and great compassion. A session with her is truly a gift from Spirit. “

Words can't express my appreciation for all of your insight, wisdom and advice you shared with me today.  I'm speechless.  Thank you so much.”

“Noemia is truly gifted. She has a wonderful gift of clearly hearing the messages from Spirit & addressing exactly that which troubles you most. She is a shining example of the Divine love & support that surrounds all of us.”

“Noemia's incredible mediumship abilities are partnered with her ability to share great love and healing energy. She is an inspirational teacher and a wonderful friend. My first reading with her changed the direction of my life and encouraged me to continue on my spiritual path. She is truly a blessing to me!”

“Noemia is an outstanding psychic medium for anyone who is pursuing their spiritual path.”

"Noemia has a very special gift and she has chosen to share that gift with others. I have called Noemia many times over the years. She delivers Spirits message with love, care and guidance. Noemia is a very remarkable person who cares deeply for others and it shows through her work. She is a very professional and caring person. Her gift to deliver the spirit message is very accurate and insightful. I am very proud to recommend her services and have often to family and friends." 

“I wanted to thank you for helping me and my family on such a deep level; I never thought we would reach this point.”

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You are the facilitator of your own life.  With your personal power and your desire to be open and willing to allow the process to assist you on your quest, YOU, become the catalyst for self-empowerment and self-healing.
All choices are yours and the information is just that, information that can or may be of 'service' to you. All actions you take are solely your responsibility. In requesting services from Noemia Walaska, You agree to completely hold blameless and absolutely indemnify from any and all liabilities and expenses.   The services provided are not an alternative for medical, legal, financial or any professional and licensed therapy.

For legal purposes, it has been advised that I say my work is for entertainment purposes. 
You can make that decision.




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